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Established in 1993, Varsal has grown from a small analytical instrument company to a global custom chemical and instrument manufacturing company through advanced chemical technologies, wholly-owned manufacturing facilities and world-wide partnerships. Varsal's global headquarters are located in the Philadelphia, USA metropolitan area. Varsal's key market regions include: NAFTA, South America, EU and Asia Pacific. Our manufacturing facilities are ISO and GMP compliant and our rigorous Total Quality Assurance program enables VARSAL to offer guaranteed quality products with on time delivery. Varsal has two divisions: Chemicals and Instruments. Varsal's chemical division manufactures specialty and custom chemicals as well as provides chemical sourcing services. We are able to offer a wide range of packaging options including bulk shipments, intermediate bulk containers (totes), drums, bags and pails. Varsal's instruments division serves academic and industrial laboratories with analytical instruments, parts and consumable supplies. Our product line includes: Deuterium Arc Lamps, Hollow Cathode Lamps, AAS-2016 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer System, LC-2008 HPLC system, W1900 Microwave Digestion System and other specialized analytical instruments. We seek to build long-lasting partnerships by helping to solve customer problems through customized, quality product solutions at competitive prices with on-time delivery.



Custom Chemical and Pharmaceutical Intermediate Manufacturing, Key Technologies Include: Hydrogenation, Sulfonation, Esterification, Chlorination, Fluorination


Methanesulfonyls (S, DMDS, MSC, MSA, Sn-MSA), Amino acid & derivatives (L-, DL-,D-, Z-), Phosphorous products (P4, P2O5, NaH2PO2, HPA, THPS), Triflics (Acid, Anhydride), Analytical instruments (HPLC, AAS, W-1900, D2)


ISO and GMP Compliant


Why partner with Varsal?

-Guaranteed high-quality products combined with high quality service allows us to form long-term partnerships with customers -We want to be long-term partners with our customers, and help to solve their problems -Deep understanding of U.S. China business relations

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