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Midwest Rubs

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Supplier and Manufacturer of Whole Spice and Spice Blends including custom Private Label blends. We will design you own personal spice blend if you would like. We offer Gift Boxes for either consumers or Restaurants, or Companies. You can even have your own company Logo on the bottles of spice, sauces, oils.



Packaging, Design, Custom Manufacturing / Co Packing, Private Label, Restaurant Spice Supplier, Spice Blending


Whole Spice (Garlic powder, Celery Seed, Cumin, Nutmeg, etc), Spice Blends (Garlic Red Bell, Lemon Pepper, Tex Mex, Adobo Taco, Etc), Sauces ( BBQ, Mustard, etc), Truffle Oil, Truffle Salt, Gift Boxes 2 different Types, Private Packaging Company Gift Boxes. Does you company, give out gifts to customers around the Holidays, or just for new, Come see what we have to offer. We can even put your, Company Label on each bottle of spice blend and sauces., Company Gift Boxes with Your Company Logo


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