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Is it free to claim my page?

Absolutely! It's 100% free to claim and manage your page — no credit card required. If you'd like to get the most out of Supply Wheel (i.e. more leads, better search ranking, buyer messaging), we offer affordable paid plans too.

What kinds of business buyers can I reach on Supply Wheel?

Thousands of Amazon sellers, Shopify store owners, brick-and-mortar retailers, and other entrepreneurs look for their manufacturer on Supply Wheel.

How many leads will I get after I claim my free page?

The number of leads is unique to each manufacturer and depends on factors like your product/service offering, page completeness, etc. If you want to maximize the amount of leads you receive, make sure you fill out your page completely.

Is my business a good fit for Supply Wheel?

Businesses that offer contract manufacturing, private label products, distribution, copacking, contract packaging, or other forms of manufacturing tend to perform best on Supply Wheel.